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What are some of Lauren Tanny’s interests or hobbies?
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Lauren Tanny

"Executive who Coaches" - Fractional COO - LHH C-Suite Advisor - Stanford MBA - Dartmouth BA
San Francisco, California, United States
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Lauren Tanny is a highly experienced and successful leader with a diverse background in various industries. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a strong passion for leading teams and achieving exceptional results. She has extensive expertise in strategic growth, scalability, hiring and retaining employees, and aligning teams around a common goal.

Tanny currently serves as an interim COO and executive coach, providing leadership to businesses to help them scale, empower CEOs to delegate operational responsibilities, and prepare companies for an exit. She specializes in coaching CEOs, C-Level Executives, Executive Teams and High Performers. Tanny works with LHH as a Senior C-Suite Advisor and Leadership Development Coach. She is also a Subject Matter Expert on fractional roles and Hogan Assessments.

Tanny's professional experience spans a wide range of industries, including business-to-business services, financial services, online education and training, and software. Her skills include general management, operations, marketing, sales, financial analysis, mergers & acquisitions, research, customer service, executive and career coaching, and strategy.

Tanny holds an MBA in Strategy from Stanford University and a bachelor's degree in Math/Econ, with distinction in major from Dartmouth College. She has held various leadership positions throughout her career, including CEO of The Tannywood Group, Executive Group Chair at Vistage, COO of REV, COO of, VP of Product Development and Sales at Krames Communications, Director of Marketing at The Wine Group, and Senior Financial Analyst at Firemans Fund Insurance Company.

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