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What are Kendall Guard’s favorite books?
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Kendall Guard

Product Marketing Manager at Discord
San Francisco, California, United States
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Kendall Guard is a versatile professional with a background in fine and studio arts. She studied at the University of California, Davis, Diablo Valley College, and the University of Colorado Boulder. Her career experience spans across various industries, including marketing, art direction, customer experience, and community management. Kendall is currently a Product Marketing Manager at Discord, where she previously held multiple roles such as Marketing Manager, Manager, Customer Experience and Community Management, Lead, Customer Experience and Community Management, and Associate, Customer Experience and Community Management. Before joining Discord, Kendall worked as an Art Director and Creative Intern at Baker Street Advertising and as a Seasonal Educator at Lululemon Athletica. She also has experience in education, client relations, and office management. Kendall has a passion for art, marketing, and community building.

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