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What are Kaushal Sadashiv’s favorite books?
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Kaushal Sadashiv

Operations Developer & Data Analyst at Axis Communications
Lund, Sweden
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Kaushal Sadashiv is a highly skilled data analyst with a background in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Engineering/Industrial Management. With extensive experience in operations and supply chain management, Kaushal is an expert in business analytics and strategic thinking.

His ability to communicate complex analytical insights and recommendations to both senior executives and business audiences makes him an asset to any company. Kaushal has developed strong interpersonal skills, and his excellent communication and presentation skills have helped him convey his ideas to his colleagues effectively.

Before joining Axis Communications as an Operations Developer & Data Analyst, Kaushal has worked as a consultant at Academic Work and an Operations Developer in the past. He has also served as a Master Thesis Project at Linköping University, Project Student at IFS, International Student Ambassador at Linköping University, Manufacturing Operations Engineer at Tech Mahindra, Design Engineer at Tech Mahindra, and Industrial Trainee at Volvo Trucks.

Over the years, Kaushal has gained a deep understanding of what drives a company. He is passionate about the intersection of technology, business, and data, which has motivated him to pursue a nanodegree in Business Analytics from Udacity.

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