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What are some of Katie Nelson’s interests or hobbies?
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Katie Nelson

Journalist, Photographer & Filmmaker
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New York, New York, United States
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An award-winning freelance journalist, photographer, and filmmaker hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Katie G. Nelson has made her mark in the world of media through her exceptional coverage of human rights, racial justice, global health, and police accountability issues. With an unwavering commitment to amplifying the voices of the marginalized and silenced, Katie's work serves as a testament to her passion for storytelling and documenting the untold narratives that shape our world.

Katie's extensive portfolio boasts publications in esteemed outlets such as The New York Times, National Geographic, BBC, Al Jazeera, Frontline PBS, The Telegraph, Associated Press, and Public Radio International. Her work has garnered significant recognition, including a nomination for an Emmy Award in 2021 for her team's coverage of the death of George Floyd for The New York Times. Notably, they were finalists for the Rory Peck News Award and Pictures of the Year International, demonstrating the caliber of their impactful storytelling. Furthermore, Katie's work has been applauded by the News Leaders Association, which awarded her team the Dori J. Maynard Justice Award, and the National Press Photographers Association, which honored them with First Place in Online Video, Race, and Identity.

Before venturing into freelance journalism, Katie honed her skills as an investigative journalist in the United States, championing issues related to healthcare, human rights abuses, and political finance laws. Her in-depth investigations stirred significant policy changes both domestically and internationally, leaving an indelible impact on society.

Katie's insatiable wanderlust, genuine curiosity, and desire to foster connections among seemingly disparate experiences have shaped her work and life. With her Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, minor degrees in Spanish and Mass Communication, and a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Community Health Education from the University of Minnesota, she possesses a unique blend of knowledge and expertise that allows her to delve deep into complex topics.

As she continues on her journalistic journey, Katie Nelson remains steadfast in her dedication to storytelling, shedding light on underrepresented voices, and weaving together a collective sense of humanity amidst the many narratives that define our world.


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