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What are Kathleen Klehr’s favorite books?
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Kathleen Klehr

Executive Product Portfolio Manager, at McGraw-Hill Education
Saint Charles, Illinois
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Kathleen Klehr is a highly accomplished and award-winning sales and marketing professional with a proven track record in product portfolio management. Known for her high level of strategic thinking skills and ability to identify and meet customer needs with creative solutions, she brings a determined and enthusiastic work ethic to any organization. With a strong background in sales management, team building, public speaking, and coaching, she possesses exceptional leadership abilities and organizational skills.

Some of Kathleen's most notable achievements include being named Product Team of the Year at McGraw-Hill Education in 2018, as well as being promoted to Executive Product Portfolio Manager in 2016 and Senior Product Portfolio Manager in 2014. She was also awarded Marketing Manager of the Year in 2012. Kathleen's specialties include SPIN Sales Training, Selling the McGraw-Hill Way, and EDGE sales training. She also has experience in corporate diversity training,, SAP, and conflict resolution training.

Kathleen graduated with a BA in Sociology from Illinois Wesleyan University. She's previously held roles as a Learning Solutions Specialist at Cengage Learning, Sales Rep at Houghton Mifflin, and Director of Marketing and Communications at Aquascape Designs, Inc. Currently, Kathleen serves as the Executive Brand Manager for Business Law and Taxation at McGraw-Hill Education, where she brings her expertise in sales and marketing to develop winning business strategies.

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