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Summarize Karla Padilla’s background before I meet with them
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Karla Padilla

Sales Ops + IT Recruitment + Business Intelligence
Guadalajara, Mexico Metropolitan Area
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Karla is a bilingual communication expert with a passion for creative writing and diverse multicultural experiences. With over four years of multimedia production experience for radio and television, Karla has developed exceptional written and verbal communication skills in both Spanish and English. Her ability to understand and cooperate with a diverse set of individuals has helped her excel in marketing, social media management, business growth, and graphic design. Karla has managed teams of multidisciplinary experts in her roles as IT Recruitment + Business Intelligence + Event Organizer at Tango and People and Culture Associate at Tango.

Karla's experiences studying Culture, Communication, and Globalization abroad and studying Communication at Universidad de Colima have shaped her ability to think outside the box and be proactive in her approach to team management and problem-solving. As a traveler, she has gained a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and the value of effective communication across barriers.

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