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What is Judah Fuller tweeting about?
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Judah Fuller

Littlehampton, England, United Kingdom
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Claywords: Guitarist, Sound Engineer, College Student, Programmer, Volunteer, Music Technology, Computer Science, Maths, Church Youth Band, Live Events, Pico Pi Midi Foot Controller, Battery Bank, AI Intern, Production Intern, Retail Cashier, Student Intern

Judah Fuller is a multi-talented individual with a passion for music, technology, and community service. As an intermediate guitarist, Judah actively participates as the lead guitarist in the church youth band at Arun Church, where he dedicates his time and skills to creating engaging and inspiring musical performances. Additionally, his expertise extends to the technical side of music production, as he volunteers to help with sound, video, and lighting at the church. This has led him to explore his interest in sound engineering, where he has gained experience through roles such as being a sound engineer at XCite, a company specializing in live events.

Aside from his musical pursuits, Judah is also a talented programmer. He has worked on various projects, including the development of a Pico Pi Midi Foot Controller, a device designed to enhance the performance capabilities of his guitar playing. Currently, he is engrossed in a new venture involving the creation of a modular battery bank.

With a desire to further expand his knowledge and skills, Judah is currently studying Music Technology, Computer Science, and Maths at college. His academic achievements have been commendable, as evidenced by his recent success in attaining an A grade in his AS exam.

In addition to his music and technical abilities, Judah has gained valuable professional experience through internships. He has served as an AI Intern at Inpress Precision Ltd, where he undoubtedly showcases his commitment and talent in the field. Prior to this, he was a Production Intern at TBNUK, contributing to the broadcasting of Christian TV on Freeview and Sky. Furthermore, he has worked as a Retail Cashier at Hanwells Rustington and was a Student Intern at Eurotherm S.p.A., demonstrating his versatility and adaptability in various professional settings.

Overall, Judah's background reflects a driven and talented individual, well-versed in music, technology, and various other fields. His skills as a guitarist, sound engineer, programmer, and his passion for volunteer work make him an excellent asset to any organization or project he takes on.

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