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What is Joshua Popps tweeting about?
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Joshua Popps

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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Joshua Popps, an experienced information technology professional with a background in troubleshooting and technical support, has worked in various sectors of the industry, including education, government, and IT. With over five years of expertise in routers, switches, servers, computer and server hardware, and software, Joshua has a strong ability to communicate technical information to nontechnical staff. He is a graduate of DeVry University in Phoenix, where he studied Network and Communication Management with a focus on Cisco, and Everett Community College, where he earned Geographic Information Science and Cartography certification as well as a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering.

Joshua has worked as a Systems Support Analyst at Wells Fargo and served as IT Management at DeVry University. He also worked as an IT Work Study student at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, a G.I.S. Technician at Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, and a Technician at DIRECTV. Before entering the information technology industry, Joshua served as a CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL, RADIOLOGICAL, AND NUCLEAR (CBRN) Specialist in the US Army.

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