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Josh Kennedy

Husband, father, maker, all-around cheeky fellow.
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Josh Kennedy is a highly skilled and versatile designer/developer with a diverse background that spans across various industries and countries. Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, he has since lived in Singapore, New York City, and now calls Nashville home.

Josh's educational journey led him to Taylor University, where he pursued a Bachelor's Degree. Throughout his career, he has held several notable positions, including his current role as a Senior Software Engineer I at Ramsey Solutions, a renowned financial coaching company. Prior to this, he founded Might & Method LLC, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Josh has also served as a Technical Lead, Software Engineer, Frontend Developer, and UI/UX Designer, showcasing his proficiency in various aspects of the design and development process. His experience extends beyond the technology sector, having worked as Chief User Experience Officer at, Director of Publications at International Community School in Singapore, Producer at Envision Productions, and Executive Producer at Impact2818.

With such a broad range of experience, Josh brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any project. His skills include software development, UI/UX design, product development, and project management. Known for his attention to detail and creative problem-solving abilities, Josh is highly sought after in the industry.

His interests lie in creating seamless user experiences, staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, and continuously improving his skills. Josh's dedication to his craft, combined with his diverse background, make him a valuable asset to any team or organization.

Jun 19 · Via Twitter

RT @Bob_Heller: My rickshaw driver could've, at least, pretended to enjoy the handful of oats.

Jun 19 · Via Twitter

RT @i_zzzzzz: Bending backwards like Neo to eat a communion wafer out of the hand of an unsuspecting priest

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