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Joseph Fox

Entrepreneurship, angel investors, vcs, innovation & ai. Director, Fitzgerald Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
Wadsworth, Ohio
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Joe Fox is an accomplished Associate Professor of Practice, with a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and instructional technology research. He holds a PhD, an MBA, and a BSBA in finance and entrepreneurship from Ohio University, The University of Memphis, and Ashland University, respectively. Joe is recognized for his proficiency in market research and financial forecasting, with a focus on new product development and capital budgeting.

Joe is an excellent researcher and has made a name for himself through publications and research works exploring the intersection of failure, learning, innovation, and emotions in the startup context. His expertise extends to angel investing and VCs, and he played an instrumental role in iMotions' exciting human behavior research platform, integrating facial expression analysis, EEG, GSR, ECG, and more.

Joe Fox is a highly sought-after consultant in the field of innovation education, with an extensive background in design thinking methodologies. Joe has been instrumental in building research/analysis methodologies in machine learning, neural networks & natural language processing (NLP) laying the foundation for future startups. As the Director of the Fitzgerald Institute For Entrepreneurial Studies at The University Of Akron, Joe is a champion of entrepreneurs and is committed to imparting valuable knowledge to future innovators.

Joe has served in various capacities, including Visiting Assistant Professor Of Practice, Instructor, and Doctoral Candidate at Ohio University. He led a team of sales and marketing professionals as Executive Consultant at Phipower, where he spearheaded significant growth. Joe was also a product manager at Fathom Marketing, where he gained invaluable experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), online ROI, and brand awareness using social media and QR code marketing.

Joe Fox is a gifted public speaker and has facilitated various workshops on entrepreneurship and innovation. He is an authority in location-based social media, market research, and new business strategy. Joe's research has garnered international recognition, and he has an exceptional track record of invaluable contributions to machine learning, neuromarketing, eye-tracking, smart fabrics, and 3D printing.

Joe is proficient in SPSS, Stata, SEM and has a knack for creative problem-solving techniques. His passion for innovation and his deep understanding of technology's transformative potential have positioned him as a thought leader in the field. Given his impressive qualifications, experience, and accomplishments, Joe Fox is a vital asset to organizations seeking to drive innovation and achieve significant growth.

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