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What are some of Jonathan Craven’s interests or hobbies?
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Jonathan Craven

Providence, Rhode Island, United States
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Jonathan Craven is a highly skilled and accomplished professional with expertise in various fields, including computer software engineering, web development, and fine arts. He is a dedicated individual with exceptional problem-solving skills and a passion for self-improvement.

Craven holds an Associate's degree in Computer Software Engineering from New England Institute of Technology and a certification in Full-Stack Web Development from Free Code Camp. He also earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Rhode Island College and a Diploma in Liberal Arts and Sciences from The Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center.

With a wealth of experience in different industries, Craven has held various roles throughout his career. He has worked as an Application Developer at Embrace Home Loans, a Technical Support Agent at Cox Communications, and a Production Designer at SquadLocker. Additionally, he has held positions such as a Design Support Agent at Teespring, Information Specialist at Cumberland Public Library, Library Assistant at Cranston Public Library, and numerous other roles.

Throughout his career, Craven has gained a reputation for being a reliable team player who always goes above and beyond. He is level-headed and excels in high-pressure situations. Moreover, he utilizes his extensive knowledge to find solutions to complex issues proactively. With his comprehensive skill set and experience, Jonathan Craven would make a valuable addition to any team.

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