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What is John Newby tweeting about?
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John Newby

Founder - TRULY-LOCAL & 360 Media Alliance - Publisher, Speaker, Columnist - Community, Chamber & Business Strategist
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Greater Fayetteville, AR Area
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John Newby is a highly experienced media professional with a passion for saving local communities, businesses, and journalism. With over thirty years in the industry, he has gained a deep understanding of the potential synergies between communities, businesses, and media. As the Chief Revenue Officer at Editor & Publisher (E&P) Magazine, John focuses on driving revenue and growth in the media industry. He was also the Founder of the 360 Media Alliance, a platform that aimed to help communities, businesses, and media create a viable business model for the future.

John's involvement with various economic development teams, Main Street organizations, Chambers, and community organizations has further enriched his knowledge and expertise in fostering local synergies. He strongly believes that the strength of the local community, local media, and local business are interconnected and must thrive together. With a focus on building a truly-local community-wide mindset, stronger business base, and vibrant local media, John aims to create a foundation that supports all three pillars equally.

John's background includes studying Media Management at Kellogg/Northwestern's Media Management Center and Business & Marketing at Buena Vista University. He has held significant positions such as Chief Executive Officer at the McDonald County Chamber of Commerce, Community, Business & Media Innovation Strategist at Truly-Local, and Group Publisher at Muskogee Phoenix & Tahlequah Daily Press - CNHI. Additionally, he founded Starved Rock Country "Tourism & Economic Development" and served as the Past President of the North American Board at the International News Media Association.

With his extensive experience in circulation, marketing, and sales, including roles as Publisher and Circulation & Marketing Director at various newspapers, John has a comprehensive understanding of the media landscape. He is dedicated to helping communities, businesses, and media thrive through true transformational disruption, embracing highly disruptive innovation to navigate the rapidly changing economic environment.

In summary, John Newby is a visionary media professional with a strong focus on building synergies between communities, businesses, and media. With his expertise in revenue generation, community development, and media innovation, he is committed to creating a sustainable future for local communities, businesses, and journalism.

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