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What is Jim White tweeting about?
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Jim White

Limited Partner at Sutter Hill Ventures
Palo Alto, California, United States
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Jim White is a seasoned venture capitalist and Limited Partner at Sutter Hill Ventures. He specializes in enterprise and infrastructure markets and has served as a board member and investor for a wide range of successful companies such as Smartsheet, Vlocity,, and Data Domain, among others. Jim has a wealth of experience in marketing and management, having worked for Macromedia, Silicon Graphics, and Hewlett-Packard in various executive positions. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from Harvard University. Jim is an active member of the tech community and serves on the board of several organizations and foundations, such as The Hit Forge LP, LuMind Foundation, and The Markov Corporation. He is also a former Managing Director at Sutter Hill Ventures and has overseen multiple successful investments in the tech industry.

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