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Jessica Pratt

Senior Vice President of Sales
Encinitas, California
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Jessica Pratt is a sales strategy expert known for her proficiency in broker/distributor management, product development, brand building, merchandising, and marketing. With her extensive experience in start-up phases, she has helped numerous emerging businesses in shaping their growth strategies. A graduate in Communication from the California State University-San Marcos, Jessica has served in various leadership roles including Senior Vice President of Sales at Pop & Bottle, an Industry Advisor at Silverwood Partners, a Consultant at Neurohacker Collective, and Vice President of Sales at Suja Juice. She has also worked as a Sales Representative & Merchandiser at Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence and Field Marketing Manager at Clif Bar & Company. Before her professional career, she gained experience as an In-Store Specialist & Demo Coordinator at Trader Joe's. Jessica's expertise in sales and marketing has been critical to her success in driving revenue growth for various brands throughout her career. Her skills in business development and strategic thinking make her one of the most sought-after advisors in the industry, especially for businesses in their initial stages.

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