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Jessica O. Matthews

United States, United States

Jessica O. Matthews is a dual citizen of both Nigeria and the United States. She is a Harvard alumna who holds a degree in Psychology and Economics from the Ivy League school. She studied for her Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), taking up Impact Entrepreneurship, at Harvard Business School. Furthermore, Jessica is the Founder and former CEO of Uncharted, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company that develops infrastructural solution technology. Her expertise lies in the intersection of disruptive technology, renewable energy, human behavior as well as the psychology of self-actualization.

Apart from her professional pursuits, Jessica is also a Committee Member at the Electricity Advisory Committee of the US Department of Energy. In addition, she is a former board member at the Scenic Hudson, Inc., the Harlem Tech Fund, and organizations. She also used to be an advisory board member at The CLEEN Project.

Jessica’s career started at the age of 19 when she developed SOCCKET, a soccer ball that generates energy. This invention won numerous awards and recognition, including an invitation from former US President Barack Obama to represent the voice of small companies at the signing of the America Invents Act in 2012. Her success in entrepreneurship led her to raise the largest Series A round ever accumulated at that time by a black female founder in history. She was then chosen to represent all Forbes 30 Under 30 alumni in the bell-ringing ceremony for the NASDAQ opening.

In summary, Jessica O. Matthews is a young, successful entrepreneur whose expertise lies in renewable energy, disruptive technology, and psychology. With her background in Harvard University and Harvard Business School, she founded and led Uncharted as a response to reduce the cost and complexity of developing and managing last-mile infrastructures.

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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.