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What are Jennifer Rosado’s favorite books?
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Jennifer Rosado

Merrick, New York
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Jennifer Rosado is an accomplished professional with an extensive background in business administration, sales, marketing, and customer experience. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Spanish Literature from Wesleyan University before pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Business Administration, Management, Business Administration and Management at Harvard Business School. Jennifer's career began at J.P. Morgan and UBS as a financial advisor before transitioning to sales and marketing roles at prominent companies such as L'Oréal, Armrevolution, Vente-Privee USA, and XO Group Inc. She also served as the Chief Customer Officer at Joor, where she was responsible for overseeing customer experience and sales operations. Throughout her career, Jennifer has shown a strong commitment to driving business success through exceptional customer service, effective marketing strategies, and innovative sales tactics.

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