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Summarize Jennifer Cobb’s background before I meet with them
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Jennifer Cobb

Project Management Coordinator at R Restorations
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
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Jennifer Cobb is a multifaceted and experienced Project Coordinator with a passion for helping disadvantaged communities through the construction industry. Her impressive background includes experience in the arts and restaurant industries, which has helped her develop a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication to the final product. Her top skills include Personnel Management, Construction Site Management, and Site Safety, and she even holds certifications in OSHA 30-hour card and notary public.

Jennifer studied Music at Northern Kentucky University before earning a Master's degree in Music - Opera from the University of Michigan School of Music. She has worked as a Project Management Coordinator at R Restorations, Assistant Project Manager at RTB Construction, and an Admin Assistant at EYP. Additionally, she has experience in the culinary industry, having previously worked as a pastry chef and executive chef at several restaurants.

Jennifer believes in giving back to her community, which is why she is passionate about using her skills in construction to help disadvantaged communities. She has a commitment to safety and making sure all workers on her sites are protected while maintaining productivity.

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