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What are some of Jenni Carbins’s interests or hobbies?
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Jenni Carbins

International Placemaking Strategist
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Jenni Carbins, an international Strategic Placemaking Strategist, has an impressive track record of launching and revitalizing destinations and neighborhoods, including several of the UK's most important areas. Her extensive experience includes driving footfall, developing commercial, educational and residential property projects, and creating long-lasting legacies. Her work focuses on the 'street economy,' and her innovative social and commercial solutions incorporate culture, art, design, science, technology, and sustainability. Jenni's creativity is as abundant as her commercial acumen, bridging the gap between business and creativity with her brand and marketing communications expertise.

Jenni is an expert in Placemaking, and her professional experience lies in destination development, marketing, and brand management. She has skills in strategic planning, project management, and business development. Her interests include culture, leisure, community engagement, education, innovation, health, and sustainability.

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