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Who are Jacob Zetino’s most high-profile connections?
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Jacob Zetino

CEO at Dapper Penguin Entertainment - Executive Producer & Entrepreneur
Beverly Hills, California
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Jacob Zetino is a seasoned producer, creative coordinator, and commercial diver who has conquered different fields with his diverse interests and skills. Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, he moved to the scenic wine country in Healdsburg, California, with his mother and sibling following his parents' separation. After serving in the US Army for over ten years and being discharged honorably as a Sergeant with tours of duty in Afghanistan, he graduated from Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle as a commercial diver with expertise in engineering and salvage. Later, he attended the New York Film Academy's conservatory for acting before studying Producing and Film Production to earn Bachelor of Science from Los Angeles Film School.

As a producer, Jacob has worked on multiple television and film projects, winning several awards for them, including his recent project, Sins Unveiled. His current project, which stars the likes of Russell Denis Lewis, Aaron Schwartz, and Robin Shelby, has won three awards in multiple categories. He has also been featured in Thrive Global, Disruptor, Medium, and other prestigious publications. Recently Jacob was featured on Yahoo! Finance's Top Ten Entrepreneurs who are making an impact in 2020.

Following his stint as a commercial diver, Jacob took up several roles, including publicity chairman of the American Red Cross and Diver at Liquid Engineering Corporation. He's also had some acting roles in short films and television shows, such as "The Working Actor's Audition" and "Preface to Being Jaded." Jacob always aims for success in every project he undertakes and has established Dapper Penguin Entertainment, a film, and television company, to devise top-notch content across all platforms. His team is gearing up to launch The Artist Collective, a new channel available on various platforms.

This public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.
This public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.