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Summarize Ina Rudinskas’s background before I meet with them

Ina Rudinskas

TBD at Waratah Advisors
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Ina Rudinskas is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in business and law. She has a JD with Honours from Bond University and a BBA in Business from Acadia University. She is trilingual in English, French, and Lithuanian. Her experience in law and business has provided her with strong project management, communication, analytical, research, and networking skills. In addition to her academic qualifications, Ina has worked in different organizations, including Waratah Advisors, The Canadian Institute, Roy Elliott O'Connor LLP, and more. She has also volunteered in various organizations such as St-Lawrence Market Association and Greenest City.

Ina's specialties include research and analysis, large and small-scale project management, networking, team building, law, conference and continuing education development, direct marketing, and digital marketing. She is an innovative thinker with the ability to energize and influence others, self-motivated, and directed.

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