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Ian Mac Moore

Sustainability Software Expert, Data Visualization Engineer - Nourishing people and planet through data, technology, and creativity.
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Minneapolis, MN, United States
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Ian Mac Moore is a skilled individual who uses technology, data, and creativity to make a positive impact on the planet and foster connections among people. With a strong ability to listen intently to needs, offer effective solutions, and convey intricate concepts to diverse audiences, Ian excels in various areas. His specialties include data analysis and visualization, proficiency in a wide range of programming and data tools encompassing both front-end and back-end technologies, expertise in energy and resource monitoring technology, software training and support, collaborative problem-solving, and solar photovoltaic system design and installation. Ian's educational background includes studies at Pacific Energy Center, a certificate in Data Processing Technology from the University of Minnesota, and coursework in Physics at UC Santa Barbara and Cabrillo College. Ian has held positions such as Data Visualization Engineer at Self Employed, Senior Application Developer, Engineer II, Operations Engineer at Trane, Project Manager at Agilewaves, and Design Engineer at Akeena Solar. In his personal time, Ian enjoys activities such as meditation, music, cooking, mixology, coffee, art, and spending time in nature.

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