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Hugo Macedo

Marketing & GTM Leader - Advisor - B2B Tech - $1M-$100M
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Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
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In the dynamic world of marketing and innovation, Hugo Macedo shines as a seasoned professional with a diverse background across various sectors and functions. With over 20 years of experience, Hugo has carved a path marked by his passion for people, innovation, and driving change. He is known for his expertise in marketing, digital business, product development, and strategy, coupled with strong leadership and team management skills.

Holding an MBA in Business Management from Porto Business School and a background in Electronics from IST, Hugo has honed his skills through roles at prestigious organizations. His journey includes key positions such as Senior Director of Product Marketing at PandaDoc, VP of Community at Unbabel, and roles at McKinsey & Company, Beta-i, and Procter & Gamble. Interestingly, Hugo is also the founder of the weekly newsletter "Slightly Maverick," where he shares his insights on a wide range of topics related to marketing, innovation, and transformation.

Embracing the ethos of questioning the status quo and exploring untapped opportunities, Hugo is a strategic thinker and team builder. He believes in the power of collaboration and empowering individuals to achieve collective success. Through his leadership roles and diverse experiences, Hugo has demonstrated an ability to connect different domains, deliver sustainable value, and drive new ventures to success.

With a strong online presence and a wealth of knowledge to share, Hugo Macedo continues to inspire and influence the industry with his forward-thinking approach and commitment to driving positive change.


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