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Hogan Marhoefer

Operations Analyst at Aspen Capital
Portland, Oregon
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Hogan Marhoefer is a seasoned professional who knows how to use big data to derive business insights and drive transformation. Thanks to his expertise in financial modeling and business development, he can optimize and transform corporate strategy through key performance indicators. Hogan studied Business and Financial Modeling at Wharton Online, completing his Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Environment, and Politics (EEP) at Claremont McKenna College. He attended Grant High School, where he studied Advanced Science and Mathematics.

Hogan's experience includes working at Aspen Capital as an Operations Analyst, where he oversees daily operations. He has also worked as Real Estate Project Manager at ATQ Corporation, Collections & Billing Associate at Invitae, and Customer Success & Data Entry Associate at Invitae. Additionally, he worked as Sales Operations Intern at imATHLETE, Research Analyst at Kravis Leadership Institute, Marketing and Product Design Intern at I Generator, and Academic Affairs and Research Committee Chair at Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College.

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