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Hoa Hoang

I connect #JobSeekers with their ideal #Employers - #APAC region.
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Singapore, Singapore
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Hoa Hoang is an experienced and highly skilled APAC Senior Consultant with a strong background in full life cycle recruitment and business partnering. With a solid foundation in Human Resource Management, Hoa has successfully integrated technology into the recruitment process, aiming to revolutionize the way organizations attract, engage, and hire top talent.

Hoa completed a Master's degree in Human Resource Management at the University of Canberra and a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management at Hoa Sen University. These educational achievements have equipped Hoa with a deep understanding of the industry and the skills necessary to excel in the field of recruitment.

Throughout their career, Hoa has held various positions that have allowed them to expand their expertise in recruitment. As a Senior Consultant at Forward Search Consulting, Hoa currently leads APAC recruitment initiatives, leveraging their knowledge and experience to provide strategic guidance and support to clients. Prior to this, Hoa worked as a Project Recruiter for Avery Dennison at Manpower, where they successfully managed recruitment projects and ensured the delivery of top-quality candidates. Hoa also served as an Onsite Recruiter for the Tetra Pak Project at Manpower, where they played a vital role in sourcing and attracting talent for the organization. Additionally, Hoa worked as a Recruitment Consultant at Manpower, gaining valuable experience in end-to-end recruitment processes. Hoa's experience also extends to mass recruitment projects, as they worked as a Project Recruiter for Intel Product Vietnam at Manpower.

In their previous role as a Recruitment and Training Executive at Nidec Vietnam Corporation, Hoa displayed their versatility by handling not only recruitment but also training and development initiatives. This experience highlighted their ability to think beyond the traditional recruitment process and focus on the growth and development of employees within an organization.

Throughout their professional journey, Hoa has been passionate about leveraging technology to enhance recruitment efficiency and effectiveness. This dedication to using innovative solutions has earned them a reputation as a forward-thinking consultant in the APAC region.

With their strong educational background, extensive experience in recruitment, and commitment to integrating technology into the hiring process, Hoa Hoang is a valuable asset to any organization seeking to attract and hire top talent in the APAC region.

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