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Summarize Herman Vissia’s background before I meet with them
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Herman Vissia

Breda, Noord-brabant, Netherlands
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Herman Vissia is a highly experienced Quality and Maintenance Management professional with a focus on automation processes and project management. With a diverse portfolio of successful projects, including Artificial Intelligence systems, opinion mining, and Blockchain-based financing models, he has demonstrated expertise in software development management, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and General Management. Herman holds multiple degrees, including a Ph.D. in Theoretical foundations of Computer Science from Belarusian State University and a Bachelor of Science in Ship Engineering from Hogeschool Zeeland. He has held notable positions such as Senior Academic Advisor at Encrypt Ventures BV, CEO at Storgrid, Technical Evangelist Blockchain at ByeleX B.V., and IT&QA Manager at Workships.

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