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What are Hendrik Van Hove’s favorite books?
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Hendrik Van Hove

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Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
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Hendrik Van Hove is a highly educated professional with a diverse academic background, holding degrees from prestigious institutions like the City University of Hong Kong and Ku Leuven Faculty Of Engineering Technology & Faculty Of Movement And Rehabilitation Sciences.

With a strong foundation in Computer Science, Engineering, Business, Data Science, and Finance, Hendrik Van Hove has honed his skills through various academic pursuits, including Masters and Bachelors degrees in these fields.

Hendrik Van Hove has gained valuable professional experience in renowned organizations, having served as a Junior Associate at Mckinsey & Company and previously held positions such as Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley, Off-Cycle Investment Banking Analyst at Lazard, and Investment Banking Analyst at Gca Altium.

In addition to his roles in finance and consulting, Hendrik Van Hove also has experience in entrepreneurship and leadership, having been the President, Head Of Corporate Relations, and Investor at Briks, a Private Equity Intern at Down 2 Earth Capital, and a Windsurfing Teacher at Zsc Broechem.

His diverse background in academia and professional work showcases his versatility and expertise across multiple domains, making him a well-rounded and accomplished individual in the fields of finance, consulting, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

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