Deborah TervilParis, Ile-de-france, France

Deborah Tervil is a marketing and strategy expert who has built an impressive career in various industries, including publishing and advertising. She gained valuable knowledge and skills as the B2B Marketing Director and Director of Business Development at Condé Nast Creative Studio, where she worked with significant creative talents specializing in digital, CRM, social CRM, and data. Previously, she also held positions as a Business Partner and Account Director at Ogilvy and as an Account Manager at La chose. Deborah is experienced in managing commercial, creative and production teams, and possesses excellent communication and leadership skills honed over the years.

Deborah Tervil completed her education at the Université Paris Dauphine - PSL, where she studied Business Administration, Management & Economics, Marketing and Strategy. With her extensive knowledge in several fields, Deborah is well-equipped to develop an offer and create awareness of it to advertisers, recommend and develop a brand's strategy, launch and consolidate a brand, build awareness of a product or service, and create relationships with consumers.

Deborah's professional experience and expertise demonstrate her keen business acumen, including effective budget management, cross-functional team leadership, and performance analysis. Her most significant strengths include developing integrated action plans, analyzing campaign performance, advising on the creation and production of monitoring supports, and optimizing investments without reducing visibility. She is also truly international, operating as a regional or global hub for many of their clients.

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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.