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Eytan Buchman

Building the world's global freight booking platform as Freightos' CMO. Lover of great storytelling, automation, freight puns and cookie dough.
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Eytan Buchman is an accomplished marketer with a diverse background that includes political science, psychology, and military training. He holds a Master's degree in Political Science and Government from The Interdisciplinary Center and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and International Relations from The Hebrew University. Eytan also completed Command training at the IDF Officers Training School.

Eytan's vast marketing experience began at the Israel Defense Forces, where he served as the Deputy Head of the Military-Strategic Information Section and Assistant to the Head of the Regional Strategic Department. After leaving the IDF, he worked his way up the ladder at Freightos, a logistics technology company. Eytan filled roles such as Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing, and VP of Marketing before becoming the Chief Marketing Officer. He also hosted and produced the "Marketers In Capes" podcast.

Eytan's approach to marketing combines hard data, experiments, and intuition. He is a coding marketer who loves using data to drive triple-figure growth. In addition to his technical skills, Eytan is a messaging expert who uses military-grade strategies to communicate effectively with audiences. He is also a skilled strategist who formulates and executes marketing plans that accelerate growth. Eytan's interests include whiteboards, doodling, cookie batter, and music.

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@YairZivan You’re a legend, man.

Dec 25 · Via Twitter

@roee That...or a TV remote that actually works well and doesn't make me cycle through inputs.

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