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What is Eric Nehrlich tweeting about?
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Eric Nehrlich

Executive coach for leaders making a difference
San Francisco, California, United States
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Eric Nehrlich is a seasoned executive coach, facilitator, and speaker based in Silicon Valley with over two decades of technical and operational experience gained across different startups and a top tech giant, Google. After completing a B.S. in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and M.S. in Technology Management from Columbia University in the City of New York, Eric moved to Stanford University for another M.S. in Physics. Eric's vast experience ranges from designing and deploying software solutions for different industries, leading business strategy and operations as Chief of Staff and Senior Financial Analyst for the Search Ads product team at Google, and helping Google leaders drive greater performance through his insightful business models, and research-based coaching principles. Eric is passionate about helping leaders and their teams increase their consciousness and purpose-driven decision-making by identifying limiting mindsets, setting clear values, and offering them fresh perspectives to approach difficult situations in complex environments. Eric is available to work with clients worldwide. If you are a technical or business leader looking to unlock your potential and that of your team, Eric is the coach you need.

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