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What are Ella Kaufman’s favorite books?
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Ella Kaufman

VP, General Counsel at Kaltura
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Ella Kaufman, a legal professional with a proven track record of negotiating multi-national business contracts, has made significant contributions to the hi-tech industry. With an MBA in Business from IDC Herzliya and an LLB from Tel Aviv University, Ella has held various important roles in prestigious organizations. As the General Counsel for EMEA & APAC at Kaltura, she exhibited excellent communication skills and displayed her competence in team management, analytical thinking, and legal matters. Ella has practiced law as a self-employed attorney, Director of Legal Affairs, Corporate Counsel, and Deputy General Counsel at different companies, including Amdocs and Verint Systems. Her fluency in English and Hebrew makes her an asset to any organization that requires legal assistance to navigate business practices globally.

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