John Paul Hayes

John Paul Hayes is an accomplished technical manager and software engineer with over 15 years of experience in designing and developing web-based systems. His expertise spans across various industries, such as gaming, TV, telecommunications, internet hosting, hoteliers, and healthcare. He graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology with a degree in Applied Computing and has acquired various certifications, such as the AWS Certified Developer Associate and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional. John is a certified Scrum Master, and he has extensive experience in agile software development.

He specializes in building robust, high-quality digital products and services. From businesses, individuals to startups, John has worked with many clients to deliver exceptional results. Python (Django, Flask), PHP, JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, NodeJs), Objective-C, and ASP (classic) are the programming languages he masters. For database servers, he is proficient in MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, MSSQL, CouchDB, and PostgreSQL. His skills also extend to APIs architecture and development, Xero (Accounting Platform) custom integrations, and Shopify theme development.

John's expertise in infrastructure automation has given him a competitive edge in the industry. He is skilled in using Chef, Puppet, Fabric (Python), Vagrant, Docker, and AWS OpsWorks. He has experience in deploying servers on Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Google Cloud (AppEngine), and Apache Cloudstack. Additionally, he has experience with web servers such as Apache and Nginx, and platforms like Xero, and Shopify.

John's background in systems administration gives him a competitive edge. He has experience in setting up, deploying and administering systems which his software runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac. As a Chief Technology Officer at T-Pro and Founder/Software Engineer at Brehon Technologies Limited, John has demonstrated his ability to lead and manage teams effectively.

technical managersoftware engineerweb-based systemsagile software developmentpythonawsshopifyxeroinfrastructure automation
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.