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Dr. Samantha Helen Witte

Research Associate at Wellington Management - Oxford PhD - Ex-World Bank
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Dr. Samantha Helen Witte is a trained economist with a focus on analyzing policy choices in developing countries and their impact on citizens' quality of life.

Her expertise lies in energy infrastructure and power sector reform, with significant contributions made during her tenure at organizations like the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation.

With a background in emerging economies, Dr. Witte's PhD research emphasizes extracting insights from data, particularly regarding the influence of expectations on infrastructure firms and the economy.

Passionate about addressing real-world challenges, she has founded and supported initiatives targeting financial illiteracy, education, and social disparities, including the impactful incubator program AspireXAccess.

Dr. Witte's educational journey includes a PhD from the University of Oxford, an MRes from the University of Warwick, an MA in International Relations & International Economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a BSc from the School of Oriental and African Studies, U. of London.

She has held positions at renowned institutions such as Wellington Management, where she currently serves as a Research Associate, and has undertaken consulting roles at the World Bank, IFC, and various other impactful organizations.

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