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Summarize Dawn Bridges’s background before I meet with them
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Dawn Bridges

Founder and CEO at Bridges Commmunications LLC
New York City Metropolitan Area
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Dawn Bridges is an accomplished branding and communications expert with over 20 years of experience in the media and technology industries. Her expertise covers a broad range of areas such as financial communications, brand marketing, public company communications, crisis communications, and much more. With an educational background in communication studies and psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, Bridges has contributed immensely to the media industry over the years.

She has worked with top executives at media and technology companies to develop strategies for financial, consumer, and trade media outlets, as well as raised their profiles for multiple audiences. Bridges has extensive high-level executive and media contacts in multiple fields, making her comfortable with complicated issues and big personalities. She's also experienced in event production and management, social media, artist relations, message development, and social responsibility programs.

Bridges is the Founder and CEO at Bridges Communications LLC, and has also held executive positions in corporate communications at Al Jazeera America, Time Inc., Warner Music Group, and EMI Group. She was also an Associate Professor of Media Studies at New York University's Graduate School.

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