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What is David Mah tweeting about?
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David Mah

Founder of Kepler Analytics - Growing retail store sales with real-time insights -
Miami, Florida, United States
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David Mah is co-founder and managing director at Kepler Analytics, a leading-edge data analytics firm providing solutions to retailers. He studied electronics engineering at the University of Melbourne, earning a Master of Engineering degree. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded Bluesky Corp. and Unisquare Intl. Prior to his current role, David was an entrepreneurial fellow at the Melbourne Accelerator Program, where he honed his skills. He is also passionate about green technology, having founded and led the Melbourne University Zero Emissions Vehicle Group.

David is Chairman and Managing Director & Co-Founder at Kepler Analytics, where he is responsible for creating and executing the company's strategy. He has extensive experience in retail analytics and is highly respected in the industry. His previous roles as the CEO of Bluesky Corp. and Unisquare Intl demonstrate his entrepreneurial flair, creating unique products for niche markets. David's strong engineering background and experience leading teams in green technology give him a unique perspective on data and innovation.

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