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What are some of Dave Selden’s interests or hobbies?
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Dave Selden

Creative Director and Entrepreneur
Portland, Oregon Area
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Dave Selden is a seasoned marketing and design professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine/Studio Arts, General, Journalism from the prestigious University of Iowa. Dave has worked with several agencies throughout his career and has developed a reputation for creating design-y and interactive marketing materials with an emphasis on typography and simplicity. Dave has won accolades for his work and has been recognized for his attention to detail.

Dave's experience includes positions such as Creative Director at Dave Selden Design, Co-Founder at Stumptown 40, Board Member at Portland Advertising Federation, PR/Marketing Chair at AIGA, Creative Director at Pop Art and Senior Designer at Curiosity Group. Dave's current project at 33 Books Co. involves creating unique and fun tasting notebooks for various foods and drinks.

Dave is deeply passionate about art, design, and typography. His expertise lies in creating visually appealing marketing materials that convey the right message to customers. His attention to detail and ability to create interactive and engaging marketing campaigns have set him apart in the industry. Dave's interests include tasting new foods, running, and traveling the world.

Jun 2 · Via Twitter

Emailing your customer list about protests is the new emailing your customer list about covid.

Nov 25 · Via Twitter

@justinogarrity @NASA @gradconn Forgot I had a personal Twitter - gems like this might get me to come back more oft…

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