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Darren Tabor

CEO, DevStart, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Darren Tabor is a successful internet executive with a talent for building start-up businesses and leading them towards profitability through innovation and strategy. Tabor has a Juris Doctorate degree from The John Marshall Law School, a Bachelor of Arts in History from Loyola University Chicago, and an Associate of Arts in General Education from Moraine Valley Community College. Tabor's professional experience includes working as the CEO of DevStart, Inc., a former advisory board member of Unknown Worlds Entertainment, and the former Executive Director of Subscription Services and Director of Publishing and Operations at GameSpy Industries. Tabor also has a background in law, working as a Judicial Clerk to the Honorable Susan Fayette Hutchinson at the Illinois Appellate Court and Senior Judicial Clerk to the Honorable Richard Ransom at the New Mexico Supreme Court. His professional skills and interests include subscription acquisition and retention, strategic planning, large-scale project management, online community building and management, employee management, consumer marketing, and legal research and writing.

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I can't eat a Chopped Salad without thiniing about @Surfy. And I'm cool with that.

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