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What is Danny Brown tweeting about?
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Danny Brown

Partner @ MaC Venture Capital
Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
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Danny Brown is a business professional with a background in venture capital and entrepreneurship. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Chapman University. Brown previously served in high-ranking positions at Mac Venture Capital, Cross Culture Ventures, and Atom Factory Inc., where he developed his expertise in startups and venture capital.

As a former Partner at Mac Venture Capital, Brown gained valuable experience in early-stage investing. In his role as Chief of Staff at Cross Culture Ventures and Atom Factory Inc., he worked closely with executives and provided leadership in organizational development, event planning, project management, and strategic planning.

Overall, Brown is a seasoned business professional with a sharp eye for innovation and a passion for supporting startups. His extensive experience in venture capital and business development make him a valuable asset to any team focused on growth and success.

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