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Summarize Dan Manco’s background before I meet with them
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Dan Manco

VP Director Digital Marketing - Brand & Strategy - Content Marketing - Customer Acquisition - Product Marketing
Austin, Texas, United States
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Dan Manco is a highly accomplished leader in digital marketing, branding, content and product management. With extensive experience in coordinating internal teams and collaborating with third-party resources, Dan has a proven track record in guiding businesses towards achieving outstanding results. His areas of expertise include Strategic Vision & Planning, Brand Strategy & Marketing, Content Marketing, E-commerce, Analytics, Social Media, SEO/SEM, Email Marketing, Broadcast, Cable & OTT Video, Sports Marketing, Specialty Coffee, Front-end Development, Staff Development & Mentoring. Dan has worked in key positions across different organizations, including Live Oak Consulting, Zype, 4Kids Entertainment, J Walter Thompson, and The Topps Company Inc.

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