Ed GianosReno, Nevada, United States, United States

Ed Gianos is an experienced data analyst and marketing professional with a passion for helping companies make data-driven decisions. With a background in operations research and systems engineering from Stanford University and the University of Virginia, Ed has spent his entire career working in large-scale data analysis and marketing roles.

Ed has expertise in database marketing, multichannel marketing integration, system integration, analytics interpretation, and statistical modeling. He has worked with a range of analysis and database systems, including SAS, Business Objects, and Crystal Reports. Ed has also previously used statistical software packages such as SPSS, R, Mathematica, @Risk, and CHAID.

In terms of professional experience, Ed has been the Founder at Domus Analytics and the Principal Consultant and Analytics Solution Architect at North Leaf Solutions LLC. He has also worked as a Director of Database Marketing at a large Nevada casino, the Director of Client Services at Digital Impact, a Credit Risk Manager at Household Credit Services, and a Consumer Lending Marketing Manager at Signet Bank.

As someone with significant experience developing customer data warehouse solutions, data quality procedures and policies, and systems architecture, Ed is well-equipped to help companies gather, manage, understand, and apply data in coherent, efficient, and structured methodologies for maximum results. In particular, Ed is skilled at translating functional and technical requirements to help cross-functional departments work smoothly together on shared objectives for accurate, robust, and efficient decision-making.

data analysismarketingdatabase marketingstatistical modelingcustomer data warehousessystems architecturecross-functional teamsdecision-making
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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.