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Helping high-achieving women in male-dominated industries step into their next leadership role with confidence, impact and influence - Executive Coach
Ware, England, United Kingdom
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Cornelia Raubal is an accomplished executive coach with a diverse educational background. She boasts a Bachelor of Arts in Russian from Durham University and a Master of Science in Commerce from The Open University. Currently working with Craftport Consulting Limited, she provides expert guidance to professionals and leaders. Her experience and expertise make her a knowledgeable coach in many areas.

Through her Bachelor of Arts in Russian, Cornelia gained valuable insights into language and culture. This training has given her a unique perspective on coaching people in today's global marketplace. Her Master of Science in Commerce has further enhanced her ability to guide business professionals. Her insights into organizational culture, financial management, and strategic planning have helped hundreds of clients.

Cornelia is an expert in coaching and career development. She works with leaders to develop their communication, leadership, and management skills. Her coaching sessions help individuals to build confidence and create a vision for their career. Her engaging and collaborative style helps her clients to find the best solutions to their challenges.

Overall, Cornelia Raubal's educational background and experiences have helped her to become a trusted and respected executive coach. She brings her unique perspective and skills to help individuals achieve their goals and improve their professional lives.

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