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What is Christoph Fahlbusch tweeting about?
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Christoph Fahlbusch

Senior Designer at GitHub
Göttingen, Lower Saxony, Germany
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Christoph Fahlbusch is a seasoned software designer who specializes in creating top-notch experiences for iOS and Android devices. With a degree in Design from Walter-Hecker-Schule and a degree in Economics from Bbs-I Arnoldi Schule Göttingen, Fahlbusch has honed his skills in designing elegant and user-friendly software. He has held several positions across various organizations, including senior designer at GitHub, senior designer at Microsoft Tasks, senior product designer at Shutterstock, and senior designer at Axel Springer SE.

In his several years of experience, Fahlbusch has proven to be an expert in UX design, mobile design, and digital media design. He upholds the design values of simplicity, elegance, and usability, with his software products always being easy to use. Fahlbusch is a very ambitious and meticulous designer who takes pride in seeing his designs come to life and make an impact. He is passionate about staying abreast of new design trends and technologies and applying them in his work.

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