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Summarize Christine Janae - Leoniak’s background before I meet with them
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Christine Janae - Leoniak

Portland, Oregon
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Christine Janae-Leoniak is a creative and seasoned CEO, co-founder, and product designer, known for her innovative and consumer-centric approach to business. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Product Design and has also studied Engineering and Design at the University of Washington Biomedical.

Janae-Leoniak has worked with several reputable organizations, including Mayo Clinic, Cigna, and Hasbro. She also served as a Customer Experience Consultant at Cigna and was a former Creative Consultant at Stock Productions. Furthermore, Janae-Leoniak is the CEO and co-founder of Oomph Cooking Blends, a startup that combines natural ingredients and flavors to create healthy, delicious, and sustainable meals.

Janae-Leoniak's expertise includes innovation catalyst, design research, and service and product design. Her professional skills lie in creative direction, consumer research, and customer experience design and innovation. She has also worked as a moderator and consultant in consumer research and a senior service designer, showcasing her diverse experience in product design and development.

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