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Summarize Cherie Ard’s background before I meet with them
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Cherie Ard

Green Cove Springs, Florida
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Cherie Ard is a dynamic professional with versatile skills and expertise in various industries. She is an entrepreneur, trainer, author, and technology advisor with a diverse educational background and a passion for exciting projects that can change the world. Cherie has been a location-independent small business owner for almost twenty years, during which she has honed her skills in project management, product development, software engineering, application development, technical writing, social media, community building, event organization, and product launch strategies. Her experience includes working as a Catalyst at Xscapers, a Partner at Two Steps Beyond LLC, a Technomad at, a Core Team Member & Launch Specialist at RVillage, and a President at VeArd Computer Research, Inc. She is currently a Host & Author at Mobile Internet Resource Center, where she shares her knowledge and insights about mobile technology and internet connectivity on the road. Cherie also enjoys traveling and exploring the USA in her geeked-out vintage bus and cruising America's waterways by boat.

Jun 22 · Via Twitter

Ten years ago today in the 115+ degree heat of Yuma, AZ we purchased Zephyr. Our 1961 GM 4106 bus conversion. She s…

Jun 21 · Via Twitter

After Kiki’s radioactive iodine treatment for her hyperthyroidism, we have to avoid cuddling her for two weeks. Tha…

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