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Samsung Electronics Overseas Human Resources Group Leader
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Chanyong Park is a human resources professional with over 20 years of experience in most areas of HR. Currently, he serves as the director leading the HR team at Samsung Electronics' Visual Display Division, which is one of Samsung's largest and most successful businesses. He is passionate about helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential and has focused on organizational development and design, performance management, curriculum development and training, talent acquisition and development, and human relations throughout his career.

Park studied at Yonsei University and has held various leadership roles at Samsung Electronics, including HR Director, HRD Group Leader, Overseas Human Resources Group Leader, and Group HR Director at the Visual Display Division. He has also worked as a Senior HR Manager for the Samsung Electronics' China headquarters.

Park's expertise and skills make him a valuable resource in Smart TV, B2B displays (such as digital signage and hospitality displays), audio systems, and set-top boxes. He is open to networking and collaboration opportunities in various business areas, creating many potential opportunities for the future.

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