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What is Casey Taylor tweeting about?
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Casey Taylor

VP, Network & Development at Digital Currency Group
New York, New York, United States
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Casey Taylor is a dedicated community professional with a passion for empowering founders in the tech industry. With years of experience in community-building and management, she has become an expert in her field. Taylor has worked with a number of organizations, including Digital Currency Group and Female Founders Fund, where she served as the Director of Community.

During her time at Female Founders Fund, Taylor managed post-investment for a growing portfolio of promising, women-led companies. Her responsibilities also included overseeing communications, brand strategy, partnerships, and the organization's college scout program. She was also in charge of hosting numerous events and conferences throughout the year.

Prior to joining Female Founders Fund, Taylor maintained a 50K+ member community at the world's largest Meetup group, NY Tech Meetup. There, she vetted and coached 200+ tech demos per year for the organization's popular monthly demo event. Additional responsibilities spanned from forum moderation to crafting tech policy advocacy.

Taylor customized her BA in Communications to focus on the intersection of technology, sociology, gender studies, and sustainability. This unique blend of interests and perspectives has led to her passion for mentoring and providing opportunities for those who are commonly overlooked.

In her current role at Digital Currency Group, Taylor serves as the VP of Network & Development, where she works to grow and support organizations that empower founders in the tech industry. Through her work, she hopes to continue making a positive impact on the tech community.

Feb 6 · Via Twitter
Feb 6 · Via Twitter

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