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What are some of Bryan Guffey’s interests or hobbies?
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Bryan Guffey

Atlassian Administrator at Netsmart
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Greater Bakersfield Area
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Bryan Guffey is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the nonprofit technology sector. Having worked across various roles in IT, he currently serves as a Business System Administrator at Netsmart Technologies, overseeing a diverse client base and managing internal systems for the company's operations. With a unique blend of skills stemming from his background in musical theatre, technology, customer service, and organizational design, Bryan excels in integrating technology solutions to enhance business operations and ensure mission success.

Mar 28 · Via Twitter

Thank you, Cat, for everything. You are with me daily.

I love you, ya fat bitch. 💚💚💚

Mar 28 · Via Twitter

Someone reminded me that two days ago was the one year anniversary of us losing @FOMNZ aka the brilliant Dr. Cat Pa…

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