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Summarize Brian Tolkin’s background before I meet with them
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Brian Tolkin

VP of Product at Opendoor
San Francisco Bay Area
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Brian Tolkin, a management science and engineering graduate from Stanford University, has an impressive resume of leadership roles in various companies. His most recent position was serving as the Senior Director of Product at Opendoor, a company specializing in residential real estate. Prior to Opendoor, Tolkin was the interim Vice President of Product at Candid™, a company dedicated to making orthodontic treatment more accessible. His tenure at Uber saw him serving in various capacities including Senior Product Manager, Head of Product Operations, and Senior Operations and Logistics Manager. Tolkin's operational expertise extends beyond Uber, where he was the consultant and Senior Operations Manager at HubHaus. He also interned at Box as a Platform Intern, and Blackboard as an Operations Intern. Prior to his career in technology, Tolkin was Chief Operating Officer at Stanford Student Enterprises, as well as the General Manager of Retail Division. Outside of work, he co-founded Beams and Dreams, a student-run organization that provided educative STEM programs for elementary students.

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