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What are Brian Pillmore’s favorite books?
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Brian Pillmore

Partnering with family-owned businesses to achieve success for generations to come
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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Meet Brian Pillmore, a commercial banker with a wealth of experience helping small-to-midsize enterprises grow and succeed in Oklahoma. With a passion for change and variety in his day, Brian values each opportunity he has to connect with business owners, help them overcome challenges, and watch them reach new heights. Brian's favorite part of his job is seeing families pass their businesses onto the next generation and hearing their stories of hard work and success. As part of the team at UMB, Brian works with some of the best businesses in Oklahoma, providing critical advice and economic information to help companies plan for success and thrive in the long term. If you are in need of reliable, responsive, and relevant commercial banking services, UMB has everything you need to take your business to the next level.

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