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What are Brian Moran’s favorite books?
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Brian Moran

Speaker - NYT Best Selling Author - It's not WHAT you know, it's not even WHO you know, it's what you IMPLEMENT that counts.
Lansing, Michigan, United States
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Brian Moran is a keynote speaker and the CEO and founder of 12 Week Year. He studied business and management at Michigan State University before embarking on a successful career that includes work as the President and CEO of Bio Care and the Vice President of Sales and Service at Northern Automotive. Moran has a proven track record of delivering motivational and inspiring keynote speeches that provide actionable takeaways for corporate audiences. He is passionate about helping people achieve greatness in their personal and professional lives, and his expertise in business management and development makes him a sought-after speaker at industry events. Moran's speaking engagements and workshops challenge traditional modes of thinking and offer fresh insights into how to achieve success in the modern business world. Visit his website at or to learn more.

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