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What is Bree Beach tweeting about?
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Bree Beach

Centre Administrator at The National Film Board of Canada
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Bree Beach is a highly talented Centre Administrator at the National Film Board of Canada's North West Center with years of extensive experience in television production. Before joining NFB, she worked as an Associate Producer with Anaid Productions where she was involved in the creation of various television documentaries such as The Liquidator, The Quon Dynasty, X-Weighted and The Family Restaurant. Her professional portfolio includes a diverse range of productions, including dramatic horror series Fear Itself, CTV movies, and short films. Beach has also worked as an Associate Producer for the Alberta Film and Television Awards and as a Production Coordinator on documentaries such as 'Alberta: Frontiers and Futures and Edmonton: A Historic Journey.' She completed her studies in Radio TV at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Beach is a highly skilled production coordinator with expertise in documentary production, television series, coordination, and planning, and related fields. Her experience in different projects has given her an excellent understanding of production processes, budgeting, and project management. She has a talent for managing and coordinating schedules, facilitating dialogue management, and overseeing script development. Beach has the ability to work collaboratively with a team, motivate them and create a positive working environment. She is a natural collaborator and communicator and has an eye for detail that consistently reflects in the quality production.

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